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Be prepared.. Don't get left on the trail!
The mission at is to provide premium
quality tool kits and accessories, designed with the
motorcycle rider in mind.
... At a great price!

If you ride or race a motorcycle or ATV on or off-road, chances are you will eventually experience some kind of trailside breakdown. In this type of situation, a good quality emergency tool kit could be the only thing between you and a long walk home!  

As you know, the toolkits supplied by motorcycle manufacturers are typically inadequate or of poor quality. The tools in your emergency tool kit should be as good or better quality than you would use in your garage. A broken tool in the garage means that you wipe the grease off your hands and drive to the store to buy a new one. A broken tool on the trail may mean a long walk home or a lost race.

If you set out to build your own toolkit you will end up spending a lot of time finding the right tools and will most likely have to buy complete tool sets, and pick out the few wrenches and sockets that you need for your tool kit.

If you set out to buy a ready made kit, you will find out that they are either  are very expensive or contain cheap throw-away tools that you don't want to trust in an emergency situation.
If you need a good quality metric tool kit for your motorcycle or ATV and don't want to break the bank in the process, then TrailToolz is the place to start!

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